The Golden Staff Saga: The Pillar of Light
   Christina Neely   

The Golden Staff Saga: The Pillar of Light.


The four Gems have been stolen

El-Tepora is Dying

Can Elena face the Pillar of Light and acquire the Golden Staff?

Comming Soon

The Creation of El-Tepora

Lavic the God of fire has grown discontent with simply living in the clouds with his siblings.  After leaving his home he creates Lavathian, a fire world of his own.  The creation of this world starts a chain of events that would create another world but could destroy Lavathian in the process.  


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About my latest book, The Golden Staff Saga:  The Pillar of Light  

Elena an ordinary teen must embark on a quest to find the gems and save El-Tepora. 

In The Pillar of Light Elena and her friends must travel across the world, fight fierce enemies and find the Weapon in order o save El-Tepora. Will Elena find the courage within herself to face the pillar of light.


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